Curriculum – International


Wingate Primary School has a vital role in preparing pupils for international citizenship. The promotion of the international dimension in all aspects of the curriculum will assist in removing barriers between cultures, and encourage openness and positive communication between individuals and groups.


  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the historical, geographical, political, technological and economic circumstances which have led to the diversity of the international civilizations.
  • To encourage respect for the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity in the world.
  • To enable children to counter cultural bias in all forms by enabling them to develop informed views and opinions.
  • To develop an awareness and understanding of their position as active citizens within Europe and in the wider, interdependent world, of the opportunities, rights and responsibilities this involves.
  • To appreciate different languages and cultures.
  • To become tolerant and understanding, courteous, curious and assured in the company of people from other cultural backgrounds.

International Yearly Plan

European Day of Languages 2023

European Christmas Bauble Exchange – Activity 2