Local Community Links


Wingate Primary School are committed to developing a strong relationship for children between the local environment and wider communities and develop values that will remain throughout their lives.  It is important that the children understand the importance of their local area and both the help they can give and the opportunities available for them.  Extending this into the wider community will also help develop an understanding of the wider world that they live in and share, leading to a full and productive engagement in their community.

Aims of the Wingate Primary School curriculum for Community Projects

  • To develop a positive relationship between Wingate Primary School and the local and wider communities.
  • Continue to foster positive relationships with families and involve more families in school events including researching into more and new initiatives.
  • Families have confidence to undertake more / new roles in school and participate in school events.
  • To work with organisations to help and support them and in so doing develop an understanding of their needs.
  • To visit local services and businesses to understand their place in society.
  • To understand the importance of sharing and helping.
  • To improve communication skills.
  • To support a range of local, national and international charities.